Publikationen und Kongressbeiträge
Wissenschaftliches Engagement zur Beurteilung und Optimierung bisheriger Behandlungsverfahren und die Entwicklung neuartiger Therapien liegt uns sehr am Herzen. Nachfolgend finden Sie eine Auflistung der Forschungsbeiträge von Dr. Luai Mahaini.

Publikationen und Kongressbeiträge:


Holberg Christof, Schwenzer Katja, Mahaini Luai, Rudzki-Janson Ingrid.(Accuracy of Facial Plaster Casts).
The Angle Orthodontist


Holberg Christof, Mahaini Luai, Rudzki Ingrid.: Analysis of Sutural Strain in Maxillary Protraction Therapy. The Angle Orthodontist


Pinky Naranjilla, Luai Mahaini, , Rudzki-Janson Ingrid

( Craniofacial differences among Filipinos and Syrians an inter-racial comparison)

European Orthodontic Congress 2007


Luai Mahaini, M. Naranjilla, R. Hadad, I. Rudzki-Janson                                                       

Craniofacial pattern in compare among Syrian and Filipino Population

British orthodontic conference 2007


Mahaini Luai, Rudzki-Ingrid. Comparison between the Craniofacial Patterns of the Syrian and the Germany Populations.
Arab Board of Medical Specialization Journal


Mahaini Luai, Omar Hashem, The effect of the congenitally missing maxillary lateral incisors on the anterior teeth size in Syria.
Journal of Medical
specialization,Damascus University


S. El Khairy , Mahaini Luai,  Determination of Buccolingual Inter-Radicular Spaces For Orthodontic Mini-Implants Placement in Horizontal Growth Type Patients By Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography.
Journal of Medical s
pecialization,Damascus University


Mahaini Luai,  Craniofacial Features Of gummy Smile in Syrian Adult Population.
Jordan Medical Journal


Mahaini Luai,  The Relationship between Palatal Displacement of Upper Canines and Incisors Widths in a Syrian sample of patients with uncrowded arches.

The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice.


S. El Khairy,  Salah Mahaini, Mahaini

Luai,Orthognatic Surgery of Severe Skeletal Open Bite with a Class III Malloclusion.

Smile Dental Journal | Volume 9, Issue 1 – 2014


Mahaini Luai, Forced Eruption of Impacted Canines with Micro-Implant Anchorage ,
Smile Dental Journal | Volume 9, Issue 4 - 2014


El Khairy, Luai mahaini, Determination of Buccal Cortical Bone Thickness for Mini-Screws Placement in Horizontal Growth Type

Patients by Cone Beam Computed Tomography
Journal of Dental Health, Oral Disorders & Therapy

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